Chevron trend is being seen everywhere. From outfits to home decors, Chevron adds that touch of classiness. I personally love the classic black and white pattern, but you can always add some colour to your Chevron dress by opting for colours like red, neon, aqua blue and yellow!

The best part about this pattern is, you can don it the way you want – with a jacket or palazzo pant, with a maxi-dress or a short-dress! The choice is yours.

These are some of the patterns I loved, tell me which one is your favourite:


Chevron 3

Palazzo in Chevron Pattern

Chevron 10

Chevron Maxi Dress

Chevron 9

Sea-Green Chevron Short Dress

Chevron 6

Pink-White Chevron Dress

Chevron 7

The Classic Pattern of Chevron

Chevron 1

Multi-Coloured Chevron Dress

Chevron 11

Loose Baggy Chevron Dress

Chevron 2

Chevron with a Pop of Blue

Chevron 8

Maxi Chevron Dress for Plus Size


So much Chevron, and so little time 😦

If you have cool pics of yourself in the Chevron pattern then do share it with me 🙂

See ya! :*



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  1. Luiza Affonso · January 18, 2016

    I don’t have Chevron pieces, but I love that co-ord look.


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